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Title: Cinnamon Rolls - A New Kind of Aphrodisiac
Author: enablelove
Rating: R
Warnings: Teasing.
Word Count: 1307
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Summary: Jared bakes cinnamon rolls.
Disclaimer: These gorgeous boys aren't mine, no matter how much I wish they were. They belong to themselves and each other and this isn't true, probably.
A/N: This is dedicated to all those people in chat with wendy because they are ALL enablers! *pouts*

Jared cooking was never a good thing as it always ended in more mini fires than anything. But Jared baking? That was freaking fantastic because the man could definitely bake. And it made sense what with Jared’s wicked sweet tooth. Jared would bake all the time, and at the most random times ever. And Jensen would be there as his taste tester. Because he was such an awesome boyfriend. And because of the…benefits.

Jensen lies in bed and he knows Jared’s in the kitchen making breakfast. Cinnamon rolls, he had mentioned last night. Jensen’s contemplating going and ‘helping’ Jared with breakfast versus lying in bed and having breakfast come to him.

He gets up. Helping is so much nicer, he thinks.

He goes down to the kitchen, clad only in boxers that he picked up from the floor. Probably Jared’s in that they hang a bit loose, but whatever.

Jared’s mixing the dough and the filling, humming while he whisks and stirs in the ingredients. He’s wearing his navy blue pajama pants that are worn and fit him perfectly and a bright pink apron that he wears when he’s baking. It looks amazing against his golden skin and Jensen just wants to lick.

He walks over to where Jared is standing and presses his chest against Jared’s back, his hands coming around to help Jared mix. He presses a kiss on the side of Jared’s neck and Jared slouches a little so Jensen can see over his shoulder, giant that he is.

“Mornin’” Jared drawls, voice husky from sleep and it reminds Jensen of other ways it can be husky which gets him harder. Jared can feel it and he chuckles softly, pressing back a little and Jensen moans.

“Five minutes ok?” Jared asks, still stirring. And Jensen guesses he has to agree. But he’s gonna try and distract Jared and maybe make him go a little faster if possible.

He trails his fingers along Jared’s arms, up over the biceps and shoulders. Under the apron and trailing nails along taut abs. He mouths wet kisses along Jared’s neck and back, going lower and lower. He kneels down and sucks at the small of Jared’s back, Jared tensing and moaning. Jared’s dropped the whisk and his hands are gripping the edge of the counter. Jensen smirks and pulls Jared’s pajamas down just a little to nibble at the spot where it turns from golden skin to a paler color – still gorgeous.

Jensen leans back and gets back up and gets a glare from Jared for his efforts. He hops onto the counter and moves his legs back and forth.

“Five minutes? I can wait,” Jensen says with an innocent smile. Jared narrows his eyes and goes back to mixing, muttering something about boyfriends that tease too much. He finally twists the rolls into their shape and sticks them in the oven. He walks over to where Jensen is standing and kisses him, rough and wet and hot.

Jensen’s fingers automatically thread through Jared’s hair. Jared’s hands trail over his body, those huge paws everywhere. Touching and teasing. They go lower and lower, under the boxers and Jensen gasps into Jared’s mouth as Jared strokes him torturously slow. He takes his time, still kissing Jensen, and strokes up and down, spreading precome along Jensen’s cock. The timer dings and Jensen can’t believe it’s already been eight to nine minutes or however long it takes for those cinnamon rolls to be done. Jared takes his hand out of the boxers and licks, winking at Jensen. Jensen honest to god whimpers at the sight.

Jared takes the tray out of the oven with his matching pink oven mitt, and Jensen has to roll his eyes at Jared’s obsession with that color. Jared drizzles icing on the rolls and it quickly melts with the heat of the rolls. He drizzles a ‘J’ and another ‘J’ and then a ‘JJ’ and Jensen has to roll his eyes again, this time with fondness. They’ll be sharing that one in some way, he bets.

He takes off the mitt and picks up the cinnamon roll with the ‘JJ’ on it and blows on it to cool it off a bit. His mouth pursed like that leads to some not so nice thoughts and Jensen can’t help but stare. Jared looks up and smirks because he knows exactly what Jensen is thinking. He walks back to where Jensen is sitting and feeds Jensen a bite. Jensen moans at the taste and the warmth. It’s like a little bit of heaven - a lot of Jared’s baked goods are. Jared’s eyes darken at the sound and Jensen is reminded of what they were doing just a little while ago. He licks the excess icing off his lips and Jared tracks the movement.

“How’s it taste?” Jared asks, voice low.

“Sweet,” Jensen replies, his voice going low as well. “Want a taste?” He asks but doesn’t give Jared a chance to answer as he leans in to kiss Jared. They kiss hungrily, deep and wet and dirty. Jared leans back for some much-needed oxygen and gets this grin on his face like he’s got an idea that Jensen is going to say no to.

He grabs the icing bottle and Jensen shakes his head because damn that’s gonna be hell to clean up. Jared pouts ridiculously though, and bats his eyelashes and Jensen is powerless to resist. Jared’s eyes light up with glee and Jensen loves that look, sap that he is.

Jared pulls him up and drags him to the bedroom, not that Jensen is resisting.

Jared throws him on the bed pretty much along with the bottle before quickly discarding his pajama pants and apron, throwing them to the floor. Jensen tries to appreciate the sight, because what a damn fine sight it is. But Jared is rushed and eager. He gets rid of Jensen’s, well, Jared’s, boxers as well and throws those to the floor too.

He grabs the bottle of icing and drizzles some along Jensen’s nipples and down his stomach, a trail leading to Jensen’s cock. Jared bends down and licks the trail, sucking at the sweet substance. Jensen’s head is thrown back and he arches against Jared’s talented tongue, hands fisted in the sheets, gripped tight in his knuckles.

Jared licks and licks and licks. And Jensen is absolutely positive there wasn’t that much icing. Not that Jensen is complaining of course. Having Jared Padalecki’s mouth on you is nothing to complain about. Seriously.

Jensen writhes and begs for Jared to “Fucking DO something already man!” And Jared licks one last time before backing off completely and Jensen doesn’t whine in protest. Really, he doesn’t.

Jared drizzles some icing on Jensen’s aching cock and Jensen gasps. Jared bends down and takes the head in and sucks. Just the head and tongues at the bundle of nerves. Jensen arcs off the bed, deeper into Jared’s mouth and Jared puts his hand on Jensen’s hips to hold him down. He sucks him down deeper, mouth wide around Jensen’s cock and he looks absolutely gorgeous. Jensen tangles his fingers in Jared’s hair, just holding. Jared sucks and then pulls of to lick up and down, like he’s a lollipop or something. Jared sucks the head back in and Jensen clenches his fingers harder in Jared’s hair in warning, but Jared just sucks harder.

Jensen moans loud and long and comes deep in Jared’s mouth and Jared swallows it all, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth to wipe any that may have spilled. And even that is sexy. Christ, Jensen is so gone for Jared.

But as Jared climbs up Jensen’s body to kiss him, soft and sexy, he’s ok with that. Because he knows Jared is just as gone for Jensen.

Tags: gift!fic, rating: r, type: porn, wc: 1000-1999
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