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i like where you sleep, when you sleep next to me [pg-13] J2

Title: i like where you sleep, when you sleep next to me
Author: enablelove
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Unapologetic Schmoop. (so much so that you’ll have cavities. seriously.)
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 2137
Summary: Spooning through the ages. A tale of two men, Jared and Jensen, and their love. Told through spooning and cuddling ♥
Disclaimer: These gorgeous boys aren’t mine, no matter how much I wish they were. They belong to themselves and each other and this isn’t true, probably.
A/N: This is for agt_bush because she’s kinda amazing and going through a rough time. I just hope that all the crap goes away for you babe, because you deserve all the happiness in the world! I hope you like this bb ♥ Thank you mnemosime for letting me annoy you with this <3 Thanks, as always, to matalinolukaret as well! This is part of the Five Kisses 'verse. Reading it is helpful, but not necessary. Title from Hellogoodbye’s Here In Your Arms

Jared’s never been big on cuddling in bed. When he’s wide awake, he’ll hump the nearest thing, sure, but when he’s sleeping, he likes his own space, thank you very much. His arms and legs tend to flail as he is sleeping and have a mind of their own, so it’s better for everyone if Jared either sleeps alone, or tries to restrict himself to one side of the bed.

Jensen, though, he’s a cuddler. He needs that contact even as he’s sleeping to make sure that Jared is really there and hasn’t left yet. And since Jared would do absolutely anything for Jensen, he becomes a cuddler, too.

They switch off being the little spoon depending on who gets to bed at what time, or whatever feels most comfortable at that time. It’s mostly nonverbal because sometimes Jensen needs to be shielded from the world and sometimes it’s Jared, but both of them know what the other needs. Then it’s simply soft sighs of contentment, deep breaths, and little snorts that Jared swears aren’t snores. Jensen always mentions the fact that he should really record him one night, but Jared knows he’s too comfortable in Jared’s arms.

Mornings are the best in Jared’s opinion, though, especially during the winter. Their skin is warm from sharing body heat, so it’s like waking up in a nice cocoon, warm and safe. Their breaths mix together, and they share lazy kisses when both of them are awake enough for that, not even caring about morning breath. It’s merely the languid movement of tongues, not meant to go anywhere, but simply another part of their morning ritual.

And even after they have their daughter, their routine doesn’t change much.


Ella cries. A lot. She’s a newborn baby, and that’s what babies do, but both Jared and Jensen are going to go insane with the lack of sleep. She hates her crib and cries the hardest in there and so Jensen sets her in the middle of the bed, and curls up on one side of her while Jared is on the other side. She instantly quiets down and Jensen feels like he can hear himself think for the first time in days.

Jared is rubbing her back gently, giant hand dwarfing her tiny body. She snuffles a little, curling in a little bit more, and Jensen melts at the sight. He’s totally going to be one of those dads that spoil their kids rotten, who don’t let their daughter date until she’s 30, and that make sure she never has a tear in her eye. He has a feeling that Jared’s going to be the same way, and Ella is one lucky kid.


By the time Ella is four, she sleeps comfortably in her big-girl, princess bed, but only for part of the night. Almost every morning when Jared and Jensen wake up, though, she’s right there between them. They try to take her out of the habit, but she’s their little angel, and what’s a couple of nights in Daddy and Papa’s bed, anyway? Jared knows she’s not going to be little for much longer, because she’s growing up so damn fast.

Jensen tries to talk some reasoning into her, but it’s a half-hearted attempt and Jared knows Jensen feels the same way. She’s going to be five soon, then she’s going to go to school, become a teenager, date, get married and have her own kids and it’s tough. Jared can remember when she was a baby and how she curled herself into Jensen’s warm body, Jared behind him as they held their daughter together.

Even as a baby, she loved to be between her Daddy and Papa as she slept, the only time she actually got a decent amount of rest. Jared likes to think that even at that age, she felt safest between the two of them. Jensen calls him a sap, but Jared can see the twinkle in his eyes and knows that Jensen feels the same way.


At 10 years old, Ella slept in her own bed. She would brush her teeth as Daddy and Papa waited in the room and they’d both kiss her on the cheek and tuck her in. It was always fun when they did it together because they’d tickle her or she and Daddy would gang up on Papa. Or they’d have pillow fights, giggling and laughing as they turned red and pillows flew everywhere. But sometimes Daddy had to work and sometimes Papa did, and those nights Daddy or Papa would lay down next to her until Ella was asleep because she knew they didn’t enjoy sleeping alone.

Those were also the nights that she’d wake up in the middle of the night and curl in next to her Daddy or Papa and tuck in close to them, trying to take the place of the missing half. She’d feel a smile against her hair, followed by a soft kiss, and then arms would close around her and in that moment she felt safe. She usually felt even better if both her Papa and Daddy were in bed and she’d squeeze her way in between them. That only happened after nightmares, when she needed the both of them.

She loved the smell of them all around her because they smelled something akin to home. She loved the warmth that they gave off because she always got really cold at night. And she liked pressing her cold toes next to Papa because he always squeaked and complained that she really was just like her Daddy. She’d flash her dimples at him and he would shake his head, kissing her cheek. She also loved the ‘I love you’ her Daddy and Papa said to each other right before the slept, hands held together over Ella’s heart. That was her favorite part of all.


Ella loves the fact that her Daddy and Papa love each other, she does, but the fact that they still kiss in front of her friends and tell them embarrassing stories about her as a baby makes her wish some not so pleasant thoughts. But she is a teenager after all, and so she tries to restrict contact between her friends and her fathers as much as possible.

It kind of creeps her out that her friends mostly congregate at her place because of her dads. Okay, more than kind of. They giggle and act as if they’ve never seen two attractive men before. And of course Daddy plays it up by being the perfect host as Papa rolls his eyes and blushes when one of the girls points at him. He’s still not used to the attention, even after all these years. Though the blushing might have more to do with the way Daddy leers, clearly marking his territory, and Ella thinks she got Papa’s trait of blushing because she can’t wait to get out of the house when the giggles and fierce whispers start.

Papa finally drags Daddy away, though, and Ella mouths a ‘thank you’ to him. Papa nods, shrugging in a what can you do? motion, and it’s true, what can you do with Daddy?

But Ella can admit that her dads are cute, if disgustingly so, when she passes by their room in the morning and sees them cuddled up against each other, Daddy’s back to Papa’s chest. Daddy is playing with Papa’s fingers as Papa is still asleep in the curve of Daddy’s neck. She leans against the door jam, shaking her head at the display, but sends a quiet thank you to Aunt Sophia for giving her two of the most amazing dads ever.


It’s Ella’s last night as a single woman — tomorrow she’s going to be married and living her own life with her own kids and it scares the hell out of Jared. His little girl is all grown up. She doesn’t ask her Daddy for help building blocks or making mudpies. She doesn’t run around the house, wearing a tutu and a cape, pretending she’s ‘Ballerina Woman’, who saves the world by dancing. She doesn’t sleep on his chest, hand curled around his finger, the most precious thing in the world.

Instead, she’s a teacher teaching little kids, and making pies and cookies and cakes good enough for a bakery on the side. She runs around with her students at recess, teaches them amazing life lessons as well as school lessons, and was made Teacher of the Year last year. She sleeps in her own bed, her fiancée, Aiden, spooned behind her, their love the most precious thing for her now.

Jensen shifts in his arms and Jared realizes he’s been absently stroking his arm, lost in his own world. Jensen turns around to face Jared and pulls him down in a kiss like he knows exactly what Jared is thinking, and knowing Jensen, he probably does. Jensen can read Jared’s mind from one glance, and he’s always there to help, one of the most amazing things about him.

“Hey, she’s gonna be fine. She had some amazing parents, if I do say so myself, and she’s turned out better than either of us could have imagined. She has her head on straight and she knows she can always come to us. We’ve just got to trust her now,” Jensen says, pulling back from the kiss and looking Jared in the eye.

And Jared knows all this, logically. But he’s not really being logical right now and he knows that Jensen is probably thinking all the same things Jared was a minute ago, but trying to be strong for the both of them.

Jared leans down and kisses Jensen again, trying to put his love and feelings into words, and Jensen understands, arching up and kissing him just as deep. Just as hard. They finally pull away when breathing is required, and Jensen turns back around, bringing Jared’s hand up to curl their fingers together. Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day and Jared knows he’s going to be crying like a baby, but for now he curls in closer to Jensen and places a light kiss at his temple before being lulled to sleep by the scent of Jensen and home.


Crying filters through Ella’s brain and she’s woken up again by her daughter crying. It’s the middle of the night and Ella feels like she hasn’t gotten any sleep in months. Aubrey has been crying non-stop since she’s been born, but only at night. During the day, she seems like the happiest baby ever.

She hears a noise just as she’s about to get up and sees Papa leaning over the bassinet and cooing at Aubrey. She decided to spend two weeks at Papa and Daddy’s place since Aiden had to go out of town for work. Papa picks her up, rocks her a little, and sings one of the lullabies he made up for her and she instantly quiets. He turns towards the bed and Ella quickly closes her eyes because if Aubrey is quiet in her Grandpapa’s arms, then that means Ella can get some much needed sleep. Ella hears Papa leave and head toward his and Daddy’s room, and Ella gets up and follows him a couple of seconds later.

She glances through the door and sees Papa place Aubrey between himself and Daddy, patting her gently on her side as she hiccups with tears. Daddy starts running her fingers through the soft hair on Aubrey’s head as Aubrey quiets down and her eyes droop. Aubrey must be exhausted after all that crying, just like Ella is from hearing it.

She sees her fathers exchange loving glances as they curl in closer to each other, Aubrey between them in the little bit of space left. Papa’s hand rests on the curve of Daddy’s hip, stroking gently, as Daddy’s hand is on the small of Papa’s back. Daddy leans over and places a chaste kiss on Papa’s lips before placing another soft kiss at Aubrey’s temple, and closes his eyes. Papa’s eyes fall shut too, and all three of them fall asleep in the warm comfort of their bed.

Ella can clearly see how much Daddy and Papa still love each other, and it’s a beautiful sight. Maybe she needs to come over more often because she knows Papa and Daddy miss her like crazy, and having Aubrey in the house is probably like being transferred back twenty-seven years. Ella walks away from the room and back to her own bed, sending a quick text to Aiden from her phone letting him know that she loves him. She only hopes her and Aiden have a love like her Daddy and her Papa for many years to come.

Tags: gift!fic, kid!fic, rating: pg-13, type: schmoop, verse: five kisses, wc: 2000-2999

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