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I'm Glad You're IT, Because Baby You're It [pg-13] jared/jensen

Title: I'm Glad You're IT, Because Baby You're It
Author: enablelove
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Unapologetic Schmoop. College!AU.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 1369
Summary: Jared is an IT major but then sees this gorgeous guy in the computer lab. He pretends to need tons of computer help to get up the nerve to ask said gorgeous guy out. (College!AU).
Disclaimer: These gorgeous boys aren’t mine, no matter how much I wish they were. They belong to themselves and each other and this isn’t true, probably.
A/N: This is for __tiana__ because it’s her birthday!!! I really hope you like this babe! ♥ I had to ask lostt1 for help, and Mel was absolutely fabulous. I totally stole one of her ideas! Thank you Mel <3 Thank you matalinolukaret for looking this over and the title help <3

Jared’s not stupid, he’s actually pretty damn smart if he does say so himself. He’s a junior in college, an IT major, and has a 4.0 grade point average. He’s holding down a job as a student worker in the computer science building and he’s helping one of his favorite professor’s with research. His life is pretty much awesome. But then he meets Jensen, and if possible, his life gets awesomer, even if that’s not a real word.

Jensen’s the adorable guy in the computer lab on campus that’s a couple of buildings behind the computer science building. Jared had to go there to run an errand for one of the professors and he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Jensen. Jensen was bent over the shoulder of one student and pointing to things on the screen and Jared could only see a side profile but he knows that Jensen is the hottest guy Jared has seen in his life. His smile is gorgeous and there are little crinkles in the corner of his eyes, or well the eye Jared can see anyway, and he blushes prettily when the girl thanks him profusely. Jared has to get the package he picked up back to work, but he vows to come by sometime, to catch up on homework of course.

Jared went back, almost every day really, and raised his hand when Jensen was in plain view and asked questions that he knew the answers to but pretended he didn’t just so Jensen would come over and talk to him. After the first few times, Jared finally asked Jensen his name.

“Hey man, you’ve been over to help me quite a few times, might as well introduce ourselves right? I’m Jared,” he had said and stuck his hand out for Jensen to shake.

Jensen blushed that pretty red flush that Jared had seen that first day and extended his own hand.

“Jensen,” he said, voice almost quiet. And god, Jared fell in love with Jensen’s voice. It was low and husky and almost raspy like he sang a lot. And that thought almost made Jared want to stalk Jensen and find out if he did sing. Jared stopped that train of thought before he did something stupid like that because he really didn’t want to be arrested or something for stalking.

Jared keeps coming back and Jensen keeps helping him, leaning over Jared and smelling of cologne and sweat and it makes Jared have to try and concentrate that much harder because dammit, Jensen smells amazing.

Jared feels really stupid when he asks questions but Jensen has the patience of a saint because he just points where Jared says and sometimes Jared wants to interrupt and tell Jensen some shortcuts but that would ruin everything. Jared just wants to get the courage to ask Jensen out but he doesn’t know if Jensen will say yes after Jared repeatedly asks Jensen some particularly stupid questions every other time Jared comes in the lab. It’s only because Jared sucks at thinking up new and different questions to ask each time, so he falls back on questions he already asked and Jensen must think Jared is a complete idiot.

Jared resolves to ask Jensen out the next time he sees him, because the worse thing that can happen is Jensen saying no and while that would suck, Jared’s really getting tired of pretending to be stupid.

Lost in his own world of pink lips, freckles, and green eyes, Jared bumps into someone as he leaves his last class of the day.

“Oh man, I’m so sorry!” Jared starts but then stops suddenly when he realizes he bumped into Jensen. Jared’s body stills because there’s one of two ways this could play out. He could pretend to be lost or something, and make his seem even stupider, or he could tell Jensen everything and hope Jensen thinks it’s adorable and sort of sweet.

“Jared?” Jensen asks, a bewildered expression on his face. “What are you doing here?”

“I work here,” Jared says, which is true technically, but not true right now.

“Really? That’s awesome! I’m getting my minor in computer science and actually had a couple of questions for the advisors, are they in?”

Jared actually doesn’t know because sometimes the advisors leave at their own times and their schedule changes daily and so Jared is tangled in his own web of lies.

“Umm, I don’t know,” Jared says.

Jensen raises his eyebrow but nods slowly and turns to go toward the office and Jared had promised himself.

“Wait, Jensen!” Jared says, almost shouting even though Jensen hasn’t gone too far.

Jensen turns back around, an unreadable look on his face.

“I do work here, but I wasn’t just at work,” Jared starts with. Jensen nods and crosses his arms across his chest like he knew Jared was lying. “I just got out of class.”

Jensen’s eyebrows crinkle in confusion and it’s so adorable that Jared just wants to walk over, lean down, and pull Jensen in for a kiss.

“I…uh…am an IT major,” Jared says hesitantly.

It takes a second, but suddenly Jensen’s eyes widen like he pieced everything together and his mouth drops open.

“But, the lab?” Jensen asks, and Jared wants to smack his head into the wall.

“I came in one day while I was running an errand,” Jared says, swallowing thickly and hoping Jensen doesn’t punch him in the face or something, “and I saw you there helping this girl out. You looked amazing and I might have come back so I could talk to you again. And well, instead of just talking to you, I asked stupid questions because I just wanted you to come over and talk to me and like me and then you smelled so good and blushed so prettily and looked amazingly gorgeous every single time so I couldn’t stop asking questions that made me look like an idiot.”

Jared is very aware he’s rambling but he can’t help it. It’s in his DNA to just go on and on and on and it seems like Jensen doesn’t mind if the soft smile on his face is anything to go by and he’s blushing that dull red all over again and Jared has to clench his fists tight so he doesn’t do something insane like grab onto Jensen’s shirt and kiss the ever living daylights out of him.

“You thought I looked amazing?” Jensen asks, with that stupid sexass voice that’s been haunting his every thought.

It’s Jared’s turn to blush. He shifts guiltily on his feet and looks down, hoping Jensen’s not about to let him down easy or worse, punch him in the face for thinking that.

“Really amazing,” Jared says anyway, because he’s not about to lie to the guy any more than he has.

He sees feet in his line of vision but doesn’t look up, afraid of the expression on Jensen’s face.

“Hey, look at me,” Jensen says and Jared is powerless to resist.

“The first day you came in and raised your hand? I almost didn’t want to come help you because you were ridiculously adorable and I was afraid I’d stutter and make a fool of myself,” Jensen says, voice barely above a whisper.

“Really?” Jared asks, unable to stop the huge grin growing on his face.

“Yeah,” Jensen says, scratching the back of his neck and looking down and Jared’s done with talking at this point.

He leans down and tilts Jensen’s chin up to meet him in one of the sweetest first kisses Jared’s ever had. It’s slow and almost chaste, a meeting of mouths saying hello. And Jared could really care less if he were smack dab in the middle of campus right now. He’s lost in the feeling of Jensen’s mouth against his, soft full lips that taste like mint chapstick.

They’re going to have to talk more, for sure, but Jared’s okay with just standing here and kissing Jensen for as long as he can, content to just have his mouth meet Jensen’s and learn Jensen’s mouth, hoping for much more of this kind of meeting in the future.


the prompt idea from lostt1: Anything with intelligence/geekyness. Like maybe Jensen works in the computer lab at school and Jared is always asking him for help on things. One day Jensen runs into Jared in the computer science building and finds out Jared is an IT major. Jared was just pretending to be clueless because he was too shy to just ask Jensen out.

Tags: au, birthday fic, type: schmoop, wc: 1000-1999
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