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(nano shots) hugging at the post office [pg] j2 preslash

Title: hugging at the post office
Author enablelove
Character(s)/Pairing: Jared, Jensen (pre-slash)
Theme: Nano-Shots Special Table 2010 at spn_30snapshots
Prompt(s): 20. writer’s choice - hug
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately.
Summary: Jensen’s surprised by the little girl giving out hugs.
Words: 815
For: mini_wrimo

Jensen’s not a fan of the post office on the best of days, but he especially hates it when it gets busy right when he’s there. He had to post something to his sister in New York and decided to drop by the post office after school. Jensen is already tired because the kids today apparently had way too much sugar from last night’s trick or treating and ran him ragged, but he can’t help by adore the students anyway.

The line isn’t that bad, about seven people in front of him. Except there are only two people at the cashiers and everyone in front of him seems to have huge long winded problems. Great.

Suddenly, Jensen feels tiny arms wrap around his thigh and he looks down to find one of the most adorable little girls he’s seen. She looks about three and is just going up and down the line, hugging all the people standing there.

Everyone in line coos at her, like Jensen embarrasingly did, and Jensen can’t help but smile at the girl, previous displeasure forgotten.

“Maddie!” a deep voice calls out and Jensen looks back to see Jesus one of the hottest guys Jensen’s seen. He’s tall with long shaggy hair, huge hands that are kind of reaching in space for the little girl, and he looks built from what Jensen can tell based on the shift of bicep muscles. Jensen turns back around before he’s called out on staring at the dude.

The kid, or Maddie, turns back to look at the guy and waves with a cute dimpled smile.

“It’s okay Uncle Jay, I’m huggin’ people just like you do!” She tells him and Jensen can hear the smack of the dude’s palm to his face. Jensen snickers lightly at that and tries not to hope, because that means this Jay guy is not her dad.

Maddie turns back around to hug everyone again and when she reaches Jensen, he squats down so he’s eye level with her.

“Hi!” Jensen says.

Maddies smiles toothily at him.

“Hi! My name is Madison Allen and I’m three years old!” She says with a beam, holding up three small fingers proudly.

“Wow, you’re such a big girl! I just wanted to say thank you for the hug, it made me feel a lot better.”

“Were you having a not nice day?” Madison asks innocently and Jensen shakes his head no.

Madison reaches in and hugs him again, short arms winding around his neck and it’s tighter than the other two times.

She pulls back and is still smiling adorably that Jensen is helpless to do anything but return the smile.

Jensen sees long legs behind her and looks up and up to see Madison’s Uncle Jay looking down fondly at his niece.

“Hey man, cute kid you’ve got here,” Jensen tells the guy as he stands back up.

“Thanks,” the guy says as he tousles Madison’s hair. “She’s my sister’s kid, thought I’d watch her for the day to give my sister a break and to have some Uncle and Niece time. Right Maddie?”

Jensen looks down to see her hold her fist out to bump her uncle’s and he laughs at how small her hand is compared to his.

“Oh by the way, my name’s Jared,” he says, holding out his hand again for Jensen to shake.

“Jensen. So you go around hugging people a lot since she seems to have learned it from you?” Jensen teases as he shakes Jared’s hand.

He can see pink bloom on Jared’s cheeks and instantly thinks pretty and has to resist reaching out to touch the flushed skin.

“Yeah, I’m kind of touchy feely like all the time and apparently she picked up on that. Doesn’t look like you seemed to mind, though.”

Jensen scratches the back of his neck and shakes his head. “No, I really didn’t. The kids I teach were driving me insane today and she reminded me that kids aren’t all that bad,” he says with a laugh.

Jensen hears a cough from behind him and realizes there’s a huge gap between him and the next person in line. It’s his turn to flush and he adjusts his glasses nervously as he closes the space.

Jared smiles at him, dimples appearing and Jensen thinks Madison gets them from her uncle.

“I’m gonna get back in line before my spot’s gone, but I’m glad she made your day a little better. Especially if I had any hand in that,” Jared says, winking.

“Me too, believe me,” Jensen replies.

He turns back to face forward while Jared gets back in line, but he sneaks peeks at the guy who looks like he’s peeking back too.

Maybe post offices aren’t all bad. Jensen has the feeling that this may turn out to be one of the best post office trips he’s made.

Tags: mininanowrimo

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