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(nano shots) trust in bubble baths, j2, pg-13

Title: trust in bubble baths
Author: enablelove
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Non-AU. Unapologetic schm♥♥p.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 809
Theme: Nano-Shots Special Table 2010 at spn_30snapshots
Prompt(s): 04. trust
Tables: schmoop_bingo table - bubble bath
kissbingo table - experimental: blindfold

Summary: Jared needs taking care of after When The Levee Breaks. Jensen’s the man to do the job.
Disclaimer: These gorgeous boys aren’t mine, no matter how much I wish they were. They belong to themselves and each other and this isn’t true, probably.
A/N: This is for wendy as a belated birthday present! I hope you like this babe ♥

Jared’s had a long day on set, and he’s ready to go home and faceplant onto his and Jensen’s bed while shamelessly beg for snuggles from Jensen. It’s a nice plan, one that he means to keep, until Jensen puts a blindfold on him when Clif drops them off to their place.

“Jeeeennnn!” Jared cries, trying unsuccessfully to keep the whine out of his voice.

“Dude, relax. Do you really think I’d make you do anything crazy right now? Take a deep breath and trust me ok? Can you do that for me, Jared?” Jensen asks him in a low voice.

“You’re playing dirty. You know I can’t resist the voice.”

“I do what I have to, Padalecki. Suck it up.”

Jared sighs heavily but doesn’t really resist Jensen manhandling him to the door. He could, if he really wanted to, but he’s exhausted and if he were in any different condition, he’d maybe be really interested in all the manhandling.

Jared doesn’t even try peeking through the blindfold; he’s just that tired. Acting like a druggie needing his next hit and going through withdrawal was tough. He’s really proud of his work today, though. While he’s tired as all hell, he feels deeply accomplished down to his bones.

Suddenly he feels himself being turned around and pressed against the wall and Jensen’s lips are on his instantly. The sensations are heightened without his eyesight. He can smell the remnants of Jensen’s cologne mixed with sweat and Jensen. He can feel the lightly chapped lips of Jensen’s lips against his own, and his tongue gently dancing with Jared’s own when Jared opens his mouth without hesitation. He can taste the last cup of coffee Jensen had, bitter just like Jensen likes it. He can hear the soft whimpers Jensen makes whenever they kiss that Jared swears are one of the hottest sounds in the world. The combination of senses assaults Jared and he can’t bite back the moan as Jensen kisses him deeply.

“Not that I mind, but is that what the blindfold was for? To molest me when I can’t see you?” Jared asks when Jensen pulls away.

“Nope,” Jensen chirps. “I just couldn’t resist kissing my boyfriend, is that such a crime?”

Jared feels a flush creep up his cheeks. He loves when Jensen uses the word boyfriend in relation to him.

“No crime,” Jared says softly, leaning back in for another kiss. He misses and gets Jensen’s nose instead and hears Jensen crack up.

“I got it, Jay.” Jensen cups his jaw and kisses Jared gently and quickly before holding Jared’s hands and leading him to what seems like the bathroom, if Jared’s oriented properly.

“Jensen, where are you taking me?”

“Seriously, you suck at surprises,” Jensen says dryly. “Just trust me okay?”

They finally stop and Jared can smell his favorite cookie candles burning. He has an idea of what Jensen’s doing and if Jared’s right, Jensen’s going to get so much reward sex. Later.

Jensen unties the blindfold and Jared blinks a couple of times to get used to the dim light. Candles are lit everywhere and the tub is full of water and bubbles. It all looks very inviting.

He looks over to see Jensen looking at him and biting his lip, like he’s not quite sure what Jared will think. Jensen’s a bit of an idiot.

Jared leans down to kiss him thoroughly before pulling back so he can take off his clothes.

“Jensen, this is amazing,” he says as he’s removing his shirt, “I can’t believe you did all this. But when? You were on set as long as I was!”

Jensen smiles slyly at him as he starts to take his own clothes off.

“You’ve had a rough day, I just wanted to take care of you. And I can’t reveal all my secrets, Jared.”

“Yeah yeah, keep your secrets. For now.”

Jensen gets in the water first, then beckons Jared in between the open vee of his legs. Jared’s so glad that their bath can fit a giant like him and someone else. Jared sits and curls in close to Jensen, his back flush with Jensen’s chest. He rests his head on Jensen’s shoulder and Jensen’s arms come to hold Jared against him.

This is exactly what Jared needed to unwind after the episode of hell.

Jared can feel his muscles relaxing with the warm water. He turns his head a little so his lips are in direct contact with Jensen’s neck and places soft kisses there. Jensen mewls appreciatively and Jared smiles against the skin.

“Thanks, Jen,” Jared whispers so quietly. He’s not even sure Jensen heard until he feels the arms around him tighten a little bit.

Jared can’t really remember a moment when he’s been more content. He’s exactly where he should be – in Jensen’s arms.
Tags: birthday fic, challenge: kissbingo, challenge: schmoop_bingo, mininanowrimo

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