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Constant Touches [PG-13] J2

Title: Constant Touches
Author: enablelove
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Unapologetic Schmoop.
Word Count: 763
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Summary: Jared can’t stop touching Jensen.
Disclaimer: These gorgeous boys aren't mine, no matter how much I wish they were. They belong to themselves and each other and this isn't true, probably.
A/N: This is for wendy who posted that she really wanted fic about how Jared can't stop touching Jensen all the time. (Entire ‘prompt’ at the end) And really I couldn’t resist. So I just started writing and it became a bit longer than intended…whoops. Hope you like it sweetie!

Jared is a tactile person. He has been since Jensen met him when they read together for the first time and instead of a normal handshake, he was engulfed in this gigantic bear hug. And the guy is huge. Jensen’s not tiny, but compared to Jared, he feels like a midget. So that hug seemed even more enormous.

Jared’s paws all over his back and he was saying, “Nice to meet you big brother.”

Jensen was so taken aback that he stood stock still for a good couple of seconds before patting Jared a couple times on his shoulder and saying, “Uhh…you too little bro.”

He was met with this blinding grin that did not make him tremble. Really.

So yeah, Jared likes to touch. He touches everyone on set, but because he’s around Jensen more or something, Jensen gets some extra contact.

A pat on the back after a really good scene (along with the non-trembling blinding grin).

Jared pressed against him, thigh to thigh, when they’re watching TV.

Jared ruffling his hair when Jensen wakes up in the morning and his hair is in its mussed state and gel free.

Jared basically snuggling against him in the car on the way to and from work, head on Jensen’s shoulder and so close that he can’t tell where Jared ends and Jensen begins.

Jared knocking their hips together as they wash dishes, Jared drying and putting them away because him and soapy water and breakable dishes just don’t mix.

The brushing of Jared’s hand against his as Jensen reaches out to grab something; the remote, the plate, anything.

Jared massaging his back and shoulders when Jensen gets knocked into the ground one too many times without even being asked (Jensen definitely doesn’t mind that!).

It’s maddening and nerve wracking and Jensen is about to go insane. Because he’s always been the guy that likes his personal bubble and he doesn’t like his bubble being encroached. But Jared apparently didn’t get the memo and just…touches!

The next time Jared plops down next to him, so damn close, on the sofa while Jensen is mind numbingly watching the Discovery channel, he’s had enough.

“Jared, what the hell man?” he asks.

Jared just looks over at him, eyes wide with confusion, and it’s definitely not adorable.

“What’s with all the touching?”

Jared cocks his head like he’s trying to figure out what the hell Jensen is talking about.

“Jared, you touch me all the damn time. And seriously? I need my personal space sometimes man!” Jensen says, his voice rising more than he meant it to.

Jared looks down then, hair covering his eyes, and what looks like the beginning of a blush creeping up on his cheeks.

“Sorry Jen,” he says in so soft a voice that Jensen has to strain to hear him, “I…didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’ll stop.”

And shit. He looks like Jensen just told him one of the dogs ran away or something and Jensen just wants to cuddle him and tell him he didn’t mean it and…it suddenly dawns on him.

He actually likes it. He likes the little touches that he gets and nobody else does, like he’s the only one in the room. He likes the shy little glances Jared gives him that just now filter through Jensen’s mind. The only thing he doesn’t like is the fact that the touches are so damn short. A hint. A tease.

Jensen is an idiot.

He crawls on top of Jared, straddling him and Jared looks up at him, cheeks still flushed a gorgeous red and eyes huge.

Jensen leans down and captures the lips that have been bitten red because Jared’s been chewing on them. It’s a chaste kiss, just the brush of lips, and Jensen whispers, “Sorry Jay.”

Jared’s eyes flutter close and he just nods so Jensen kisses him again, deeper this time, but still just as soft. Teasing touches of his lips like Jared’s hands have been. Jared’s hands come up to Jensen’s back, holding him in place, and Jared opens his mouth, inviting Jensen inside. Jensen is lost in Jared’s taste. Their tongues collide and it’s hot and wet and perfect.

Jensen pulls back a little to look back at Jared who is just staring at him, lips even redder and swollen just a little. Before he leans back in to make them even more swollen he says to Jared in a husky voice, “You’re welcome to touch me any way you like Jay,” and feels Jared smile against his lips.

The End.

The entire prompt continues Just...rubbing his back and messing with his hair and, I don't know. Whatever else. Just CONSTANTLY with the touching. And Jensen is all "I need personal space!!" except then Jared gets all hang-dog and quickly Jensen realizes that if he just snuggles with Jared sometimes, then they can maintain a cuddle-personal-space BALANCE and everyone is happy. Especially since Jensen secretly really loves all the touching.

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Tags: gift!fic, rating: pg-13, type: schmoop, wc: 500-999
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